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SEO in Udaipur

Uttam Bhaskar (web designer SEO learner), and I live in Udaipur, Rajasthan (INDIA). I create useful, effective WebsitesFlash presentations and help people to learn SEO & Web Design.

Currently based in Udaipur, I have five years of experience working in an office environment with other developers and designers. I enjoy working in the industry and love to learn and discover new technologies to develop better W3C standard based websites which are easy to use for both the users and search engines…


Indian Contemporary paintings is an indian contemporary paintings collection by the artist of udaipur, He paint onto canvas in an innovative way like cracks by using Acrylic and Oil colors. Each painting captures the excitement and spirit of a particular theme. Strong bold shapes and constant movement of lines with the contemporary creating one of a kind collectible art which is both functional and aesthetic; which fuses arts and craft.